spiffy new door

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Judy and Richard

photo by Lisa, thank you!

Our newest door is up! Richard and Judy both collaborated on this beautifully restored door, it’s dusty/bright orange on the outside and periwinkle blue/violet on the inside. This spot had clearly once been a doorway but had more recently been boarded up and painted over, the entryway had been converted into a closet or something. Judy and Richard found this beautiful solid wood victorian-era door stored up in our attic and thought it would be perfect for this spot. The door had at some point been sawed off messily and lopsidedly, to fit into a too-small doorway, so Richard brought it into his workshop and grafted on new wood to seamlessly replace the sawed-off portions. Then Judy stripped off the lead paint and refinished all the wood, had beveled-glass windows custom made for the coffin windows, set in and glazed the glass herself. They found original Victorian doorknobs and hardware at an architectural salvage store. Then we had to rip out the boards covering the old doorway, had to rip out most of the old doorway and molding and stuff and put in a new floor in the entryway so that Richard could put in a new threshold and build a new doorway to hang the door!

It occurs to me how much easier it would’ve been if we were just building a new house and hanging a new door… but then we wouldn’t have so many stories to tell!

before: boarded up doorway

before: boarded up doorway

the door

found door: stripping off old paint

the door in the workshop

in the workshop!

Mortar and cement board

have to lay down cement board on the floor before we can put in the new threshold

Richard hung up our new door!

hanging the new door

Richard hung up our new door! New door hardware


Richard hung up our new door!

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