exciting kitchen progress

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we made this cabinet!

here’s the finished sink cabinet

now we’ve got the first cabinet box done, we get to really start moving in, and install our beautiful countertop and sink!! Mike unpacked our lovely cherry butcherblock countertop and started giving it a tung-oil treatment that should protect it against water and stains and stuff. Basically just painting on lots of oil and then rubbing it off with a rag a few minutes later and repeat once a day for a few days.

finishing the countertop finishing the countertop

before and after – the tung oil really changes the color.

Then we had to do a bit of work to get the sink ready. Because it was an old salvaged sink (from Pete’s Place in Hollis), we had to use a wire brush to scrub off some rust from the bottom side and then paint over it with some smelly white rust-oleum type stuff.

repainted the rusty underside of the sink

salvaged sink took a bit of repair work before using.

Then dropped the counter into place and trimmed the edges/corners to fit snugly against our not-straight kitchen wall, then cut out the hole to fit the sink in.

cutting the sink hole into the countertop

ready for the sink

cutting the sink hole into the countertop

And then… the sink goes in! hooray!!!

sink is in!!!

this is the old faucet, we have a slightly nicer one that we’re going to replace it with

Now we just need to get the sink hooked up and we’ll have a real kitchen!! We dragged in the fridge too, and Mike sealed and finished the counters. Cooking dinner is SO much easier and funner now, and it’s going to be such a delight when the sink is working too.

big kitchen progress!

whoo! we’re on our way

2 Comments on “exciting kitchen progress”

  1. 1 lesley said at 11:03 am on January 22nd, 2011:

    yay, this looks so great! i am so so so so jealous!

    it’s pretty much my dream to do this with a little cottage in the hudson valley, as a weekend getaway from nyc. but for now, living vicariously through you is pretty good, too!

    xoxo lesley

  2. 2 eliza said at 12:33 am on January 26th, 2011:

    :D thanks!! come visit someday!!

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