improving the guest room!

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We had a few spring visitors already, which has been an excellent cure for the loneliness of the long maine winter, and a great incentive to do some more work on the guest room. The walls were really messed up (seems like this was the kids’ room – i think three boys lived in here – so the walls were covered with drawings, doodles, graffiti, red paint splatters, mysterious smears, giant gouges and craters, boogers, and god-knows-what) so the first step was to get some joint compound and some special adhesive mesh for repairing wallboard. I can’t even imagine how these walls got such huge holes in them! Wrapped the bed in plastic and emptied everything out of the room, patched the giant holes over the course of a few days – spackle, wait for it to dry, wet sand, dry sand, spackle again, repeat. Then a few days of priming everything. The window and door trim are so crappy and covered in crud – I would like to just replace them in due time, but for now I just covered up all the crud with primer. Then painted the walls a kind of purple-gray color, and the window/door trim a nice rich blue; we have some old wool rugs that we brought back from Bolivia, which are mostly red and orange, and a navy blue couch that mike’s mom gave us, so we tried to pick colors that would match with those. The paint really transformed the room! Got curtains for the windows, a new comforter cover for the bed, hung a bright tomato-red curtain in the closet door. We also recently added a door to this room. It’s starting to look kind of civilized! BUT we don’t have the finished “after” photos yet! hang in there for an update…

before: yucky carpet and battle-scarred walls

before: yucky carpet and battle-scarred walls

Mom is a bitch

before: found graffiti, carved into the guest room wall!

Guest room

half way there… new comforter cover / walls are patched and primed but still unpainted

painting the guest room!

took apart the guest room to fix and paint the walls.

painting the guest room!

painting the guest room!

“after” photos to come next week… stay tuned!

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