the bathtub

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the bathtub
at the salvage place.

We bought this bath tub so long ago. I think it was in the fall of 2010? We thought the bathroom would be happening quickly, so we went and picked out and paid for this lovely tub from one of our local architectural salvage places, Old House Parts in Kennebunk, and we said we’d be back in a week to pick it up. But then we decided to work on the kitchen instead, and kinda forgot about that poor old tub. It spent the winter sitting in their lot, filling up with snow. We kept calling them and asking if we could just keep it there for a few more weeks. All spring and all summer we made plans to go pick it up, but it was a busy summer and it turned out to be hard to find a weekend that we were both in town, both free, and could borrow the truck, and it wasn’t a hurricane. So the tub waited all summer and finally we managed to go pick it up and drag it home sometime in August.

new bathtub!

We hauled it into the kitchen, and it looked pretty good in there! It spent a few weeks by the kitchen window, waiting for the bathroom walls to be finished so we could move it in. Mike got to thinking the exterior paint looked pretty shabby and he set his mind on stripping and re-finishing it! He dragged it out onto the porch and set to work, unscrewing the dainty claw feet first. It was such a huge project, incredibly stinky with solvents and messy and hard. Unfortunately, since it was just a few weeks before our wedding, we were all so busy and crazy that nobody took a picture of Mike out there with his respirator on, scrubbing away with steel brushes and sandpaper, in the hot August sun. You’ll have to try and imagine it. Once he got all the old stuff scrubbed off, we decided it should be painted blue. We compared all the spray-cans of rust-oleum at the hardware store and picked the nicest shade of blue. He spent two days spraying it with even coats of enamel, and when it was finished it looked ridiculous! The spray-can cap had looked like a nice lively blue color, but the result was like fluorescent electric blue, and it was pretty easy to agree that it looked totally wrong. So we went back to the rust-oleum section at the hardware store, and picked gray instead. Hard to go wrong with gray. Mike spent another two days patiently repainting the whole thing, and he painted the feet ivory, which I think was a great choice. It looks fantastic. We dragged it into the bathroom as soon as the paint was dry and the fumes had cleared.

what a beautiful bathtub!

nice legs

what a beautiful bathtub!

We still need to save up for the hardware to make it functional. It’s amazingly expensive to buy the whole shower conversion rig – we’ll need a special kind of faucet setup that has the shower add-on attached, they are specially made for that narrow market segment of people who want to convert a claw-foot tub to have a standing shower. One of those tall skinny pipes with the big shower head at the top (those always remind me of sunflowers), with the circular shower curtain rod, attached to the shower pipe, with supports hanging from the wall or ceiling. It’s a good deal more complicated and expensive than we expected! Hoping to make it happen sometime this year. Meanwhile, I think this tub is good-looking enough to serve as decoration.

this is not our bathroom! but this is the kind of shower conversion that i’m talking about

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