salvaged butternut wood for the kitchen shelves

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well-used plans

We’ve done lots of thinking and sketching and brainstorming about the kitchen shelves, and now that the plans are final(?!) we’re building them. We decided to use some butternut wood that I helped my dad salvage from a fallen tree in the the woods across the street from my parents’ house on thanksgiving day of 1990! We hauled the tree home and one of my dad’s friends sawed it into planks with some kind of portable sawmill. They stickered and stacked it in the goat shed to dry out, and it’s been there ever since, waiting for the right project. So (21 years later) Richard offered it to us for our shelves! We had to clear away some clutter to get at it, and brush away a lot of dust, but it still looked pretty good. (Some of the wood stacked in the loft above Richard’s workshop has been in storage maybe 50 years or longer!) Butternut is a little soft but it’s a hardwood and it’s got a nice warm color and distinctive grain that we think will look nice for our shelves.

dog in the woodshop
a whole bunch of wood in the workshop, i think some of it is the butternut we used for the shelves.

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