wow. this is our house

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a long time ago!

our house.

I wish we knew the date of this. Folks around town generally say “Oh, the old Brunk place!” when we tell them where we live. They bought the house in 1949, well after the date of this photo (I’m not sure who lived here at the time of this picture). It’s been through a bunch of owners since they left, but they were here the longest, Mr. Ed Brunk ran the dairy farm in the barn out back and Mrs. Doris Brunk, who just passed on recently, ran a beauty parlor out of one of the front rooms. Anyway one of our neighbors is their grandson, he spent a lot of time in this house growing up and it’s always a treat to chat with him about the history of the place. His wife kindly emailed us this photo, and it just made my day. My year, really. What a delightful view of the house in better days. This is so inspiring! I’m guessing this is late 1800′s or early 1900′s (if I knew anything about the history of photography I could probably date it better). It’s interesting to see that at this time, it had a side porch but no front porch. Also, obviously the old barn was still there. That’s the furthest structure on the left. We heard it burned down (and I don’t know how it burned without taking the rest of the house with it). The trees out front were elms, which woud have been wiped out by Dutch Elm disease in the nineteen-thirties or forties. The two windows to the left of the porch are the kitchen windows, and above them the room that’s currently my studio – someone later added a dormer there, to fit three full-sized windows instead of those tiny eyebrow windows. I could stare at this picture forever.

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