Porch is Done!!!

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For now.


Last time we talked about the porch, it was almost half-done and bright turquoise. Now it’s kind of all done, and still bright turquoise. I did it in sections, sanding and repairing one third and painting that section, then doing the next section and then the final section was the huge stretch (more like half) of porch by the kitchen door and livingroom windows. I really really wanted to finish it during the springtime, so we could enjoy it all summer before the winter arrived (because you can’t paint in cold weather).

sanding the porch painting the porch trim painting the porch trim
painting the porch trim

We put in a final sanding/painting marathon in the last warm weeks of September and October and got it done. For the porch trim, we didn’t have time to finish everything but we got everything sanded and stripped and got at least one coat of primer on. We’ll have to finish with a white top-coat when spring comes. But for now it looks neat and tidy and pretty! I still think the turquoise blue color looks silly, but I’m just going to live with it for now, since we’ve got bigger problems to worry about.

Giant thank you to my mother, Judy, who painstakingly stripped the lead paint off the porch columns on various weekend and afternoon visits throughout the whole summer!

Painted some of the porch columns yesterday. Thanks to Mother Nature for one last day of painting weather. And biggest thanks to my mom, who stripped off the old paint and sanded for me! #renovations #house

Someday, I would like to get gutters on the porch roof, and once that’s done, do some more significant renovation on this porch. But at least it’s in decent shape for now, the rest of the project can wait a while.

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