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judy sanding the newel post

Judy sanding the newel post

mike and richard wiring the ceiling fixture cleaning out our new wood shop

wiring the ceiling fixture / cleaning out our new wood shop

new kitchen lights

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new kitchen lights

We finally got (almost) all the fixtures and shades for the kitchen ceiling lights! It was really hard to pick because we love old stuff but we don’t have any particular historical period that we’re trying to recreate. Our house has some prominent Victorian features, but most of the structure is older, and the exterior looks like it was originally made in a Greek Revival style before it got its Victorian makeover. But almost nothing of the original interior remains, aside from crumbly plaster and old lath. So the house doesn’t really give us any particular direction to follow. And anyway, electric lights weren’t around when our house was built. So we’re just going with a sort of 19th and 20th century hodge-podge. We didn’t think anything too dainty or flashy would make sense in a farmhouse kitchen with these rough exposed ceiling beams. These schoolhouse style shades were pretty popular around the 1920′s – 1940′s, though they most often hang from longer pendants. Because of our low ceilings, we chose 1930′s reproduction ceramic flush mount fixtures. I think they fit the space pretty well! They give a slightly warm, yellow light, which I like.

new kitchen lights

We did four of these same lights, and then we have two industrial pendant lights that go over the island. We got these metal shades at the salvage place in Kennebunk, and we bought these pendant fixtures online but I really do not like them at all so they’re only staying here til we replace them with something better.

kitchen lights

We’ll have one different fixture over the sink that we haven’t gotten yet (probably some kind of modern strip lighting that will hide behind the ceiling beam) and a different light in the corner by the fridge. We picked this crazy stripey shade, which I’m still trying to get used to. I’m not sure the fixture and shade are a perfect match for each other, but I’m going to wait and see if it grows on me. We can always switch it around later.

before new kitchen lights
before: bare bulbs / after: stripey shade

Lights in the stairway!

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We finally re-wired the lights in the upstairs hall! We have a light switch to illuminate the stairs and hallway! No more heading up to bed with a flashlight (or more often stubbing toes on the way up the stairs in the dark).

a new junction box in the attic

re-wiring the hall lights on the second floor re-wiring the light in the upstairs hallway

electrical work!

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electrical work! electrical work
new electrical panel, front and back.

we brought in a real electrician to put in a new panel on the 2nd floor, which will allow us to put in a proper circuit for the washing machine and dryer, and also will let us start wiring the whole second floor for electricity! hooray! hopefully this means less extension cords in our future.




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