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she is so glamorous

Please meet the newest member of our family, Lina the Kitten. We went to get haircuts at the local barbershop (The Hair Saloon!) and our hairdresser happened to mention that her son had brought home a stray kitten who was going to need a new home. The kitten was found scampering down the middle of the road, with a snowplow coming down the street behind her! She was just a skinny little thing and wearing no collar, so of course her son scooped her up and brought her home. Mike’s been wanting a cat, though I’ve been a bit reluctant. Anyway, we asked if we could meet this kitten and she was SO BEAUTIFUL we could not resist her charms and brought her home immediately. She turns out to be a great housemate. The first few days she hid under the floorboards in one of the torn-up bedrooms upstairs and wasn’t too sociable, but then she started getting really bold and coming down to hang out in the kitchen, despite the constant threat of being badgered and chased by the dog, who is frankly being a real jerk to her new colleague. The dog just can’t even begin to comprehend that the cat doesn’t want to be best friends and wrestling buddies, no matter how many times the cat hisses and punches her in the nose she just keeps on trying to play. During the first week the cat clawed the dog in the eyeball and the dog yowled and retreated for a few minutes, and then just went right back and kept on trying to play with her, even with one eye swollen shut. Anyway I think things are going really well between them now, all things considered. The cat is being pretty relaxed about things, and knows how to evade or rebuff the dog’s advances and sometimes the cat is actually the instigator, playing with the dog’s tail when she’s looking in the other direction or smacking the dog’s ears while she’s asleep. They spend a lot of time flirting in the kitchen, making eyes at each other and pawing at each other and then falling asleep at opposite ends of the couch.

kitten / puppy politics kitten / puppy politics

cat and dog share couch!


We took the kitten to the vet and it turns out she is actually around one year old! She only weighed five pounds when we got her, so we thought she was a tiny young kit, but I guess she’s just a small cat. She’s not spayed, so we have an appointment to get her fixed sometime next week or the week after. I feel terrible about cutting her up, but I know it’s the responsible thing to do. She will need to be confined in a private, quiet place for her convalescence so we are going to have to hang up doors on one of the bedrooms and convert it into a cat infirmary to keep her safe, and keep the dog out, while she recovers.

new unnamed kitten Lina

Lina the kitten

look at that tail.

Lina seems to have a perfect feline personality, I love that she’s bold and sociable but quite independent, she doesn’t actually require much attention – she just likes to be in the same room with us and sleep in a chair nearby while we work. She lies around sleeping and looking fabulously comfortable and leisurely and purring like crazy all the time as if her whole existence is so exceedingly pleasurable that she can’t contain her satisfaction. At night she sometimes snuggles in bed, or sometimes sleeps on top of the dresser in her fuzzy little cat bed. So far she’s not doing the crazy needy cat thing where they try to roll around on your keyboard while you’re typing or sit on your book while you’re reading or trip you every time you walk up the stairs, hopefully this is not in her nature, which means she is the perfect cat for me. Here’s to our glamorous new friend!

UPDATE: We never managed to call the cat “Lina.” It just never stuck. Her name is Kitten, and I know some people think that’s not a suitable name for the cat, but it’s just what happened. Sorry guys! She’s cool with it. She knows her name, responds to “Kitten” and even comes when called!




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