new ventilation system in the workshop

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a new ventilation system richard's workshop

the new dust-collection contraption

We’ve been spending so much time in Richard’s workshop in Gorham, building the cabinets, sawing and sanding away and generating great clouds of sawdust; Mike’s asthma seems to bother him out in the workshop and Richard’s gotten a cough out there too. So Rich decided it was past time to start installing a big ventilation system for the workshop. His plans for his beautiful workshop have always included installing a full-shop ventilation system with vent pipes running under the floor; the ultimate plan is to build a wood floor above the (current) poured-concrete floor and have the pipes running under the wooden floorboards and attaching to every stationary machine in the shop to gather up all the dust they generate. So his first step was to pick out a ventilation system, buy it and put it together! Richard spent all the cash and did all the work, we just hung around working on cabinets and occasionally helped him fit some of the tubing together. Eventually there will be a box built around the dust-collector, to reduce the noise. Anyway, all this is only tangentially relevant to our house renovation, but it is related since we do all of our woodworking in Richard’s workshop, with his help! Hopefully we’ll get to help out with building up the new floor in the shop, whenever that stage comes.

a new door for the guest room

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We’re expecting our first wintertime guest, hooray!! Which means it’s time to put a proper door on the guest room so we can put a little heater in there and make it hospitably warm. We have like 20 assorted doors piled up in our ell, but after measuring all of them, we found that none of them were the right dimensions to fit the guest room doorway. So we headed off to search for a door at our favorite bargain architectural salvage spot, Pete’s Place.

architectural salvage in the snow

a visit to Pete’s Place after a few blizzards. We were kind of amazed to find Pete open for business even in the snowiest depths of winter!

architectural salvage in the snow

we had to dig and wallow through hip-high snow to find a new (used) door for the guest room.

Pete was super cheery and helpful and actually fired up his tractor to snowplow a path for us so we could haul our new door back to the car.

architectural salvage in the snow hung the new door!

new door in snow, and hung on the hinges in our house!

hanging a new door in an old house is a pretty big piece of work, as there are no right angles involved, everything is completely crooked! Mike and Richard spent most of a weekend working on this, planing and trimming the door and replacing parts of the doorframe in order to set in hinges and strike plate, etc etc. it’s all set now, keeping the bedroom toasty warm (and keeping the pe(s)ts out too).

refinishing the front door

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Judy working on the front door front door in progress

Judy sanding down the front door

Judy’s been working away at the front door! Every day she takes it off the hinges and lays it out to work… first she stripped off most of the lead paint using a soy based stripper (supposedly less toxic ) and then she started sanding away the remaining bits, stopping to vacuum up the lead dust every few minutes. The wood underneath is so beautiful! We think we’ll keep the grain exposed on the inside of the door, and paint the outside of the door Portsmouth Spice (a dusty pumpkiny kind of color) to match the beautiful side door (which she also refinished over the winter!) Every day at the end of work, we have to re-hang the front door on its hinges, it looks nicer already!

old front door front door

door before … door in progress




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